Aloha! Hereʻs 5 reasons NOT to apply to join our team:

1) You dislike working with genuine, humble, amazing people

2) You find flex scheduling, remote work options, and not dressing up for work appalling

3) You are appalled at the notion of both working with youth AND behind the scenes support for those who do

4) Ditto with creating and/or supporting story telling through  music and video, as mediums to perpetuate and evolve Hawaiian culture, and impact our youth &  local + online communities 

5) Getting paid to be at school-wide concerts, music video film shoots and jam sessions with Hawaiiʻs favorite artists and hammahz, sounds nailz.

Mana Maoli, a Hawaiian non-profit serving thousands of youth across 22 schools and 4 islands, seeks qualified, not-normal (but in a good way), committed and passionate team players, as additions to the following teams:

  • Hui Hoʻomohala – PROGRAM TEAM

JOIN US – whether you end up among the ranks of dozens of core staff and year-long mentors who we are blessed to work with on a weekly basis, or among over 200 Mana Maoli Collective musicians, sound engineers and video peeps, who give their time and talent to 1-day class workshops, schoolwide concerts, mobile studio recordings, short-term mentorships, music videos, public events, and more – in support of our Native Hawaiian and low-income youth.

We like flexibility in options for new and current team members alike, so the opportunities and possibilities include both support and leadership roles, with time commitments ranging from full-time, to just 10-20hrs/year, and many in between. 

These opportunities and possibilities (unless you wait til its too late!) include:

  1. Digital Storytelling Team: Video Editor/Camera-Op (commit to as low as 40hrs/mo, as high as 30-40hrs/wk) and A/V Production Intern (40hrs/mo)
  2. Program Team:

Click on each position above for details, such as job duties and minimum/preferred qualifications.

Hereʻs a few things that apply to all staff positions, and contract positions over 40hrs/ month:

  • Compensation varies greatly based on relevant experience and skills. Many applicants prefer to discuss this topic if they make it to the final round, which definitely works on our end.
  • At the same time, if you have a minimum rate you want assurance of before accepting a 1st round interview, feel free to share that rate upfront with your resume, cover letter, pay rate for your current or most recent, and requested info for your position. We’ll take a look and do our best to get back to you within a week.
  • Our selection process is not normal. For example, to come out on top for any given position, we run you through the ringer –  those who advance past the initial interview are invited to scenario exercises. After another round each of interviews and scenario exercises, we do reference checks for the top 3 before a 1st offer. Its awesome to help both you and us determine best fit, but if you are unable to invest that amount of time to determine if we are a fit for you, we understand! 
  • A majority of work can be done remotely. Staff positions (20-40hrs/wk) do include in-person meetings/work sessions averaging once a week, and/or being onsite at the schools, film shoots, kanipila (jam sessions), etc.. 

To apply:

1) For the position(s) you are interested in, check to see if you meet the minimum qualifications.

2) If you do, email – in the subject heading, please enter the position(s) you are applying for, followed by your name.

3) Attach a resume and cover letter, which can speak to why you are applying, and any skills/experiences that show your qualifications for the position(s) you are applying for, especially if not evident in your resume.

4) Look closely for anything else we ask you to provide or respond to, based on the position(s) you are applying for.

About Mana Mele

All available positions are primarily or entirely in support of the Mana Mele Project, which teaches Mana Maoliʻs ABCs (Academics, Business, and Culture) through Music and/or Multimedia across a diverse range of genres and styles. We serve K-12 youth, as well as alumni/college interns across 3 islands and 21 partner schools, including all 15 Hawaiian-focused public charter schools.