“Hawaii nonprofit Mana Maoli wins prestigious national music award” | Hawai‘i News Now

In a surprise announcement made on the “Tamron Hall Show,” a Hawaii-based nonprofit program learned Monday that it won a prestigious national music award. The Lewis Prize for Music presented Hawaii’s Mana Maoli with a $500,000 Accelerator Award.

“Mana Maoli holds its biggest concert ever in support of Native Hawaiian Charter Schools”  | Honolulu Pulse

Mana Maoli is marking its CD release Saturday with the biggest concert in its history, a festival featuring Jamaican artists Third World and Tarrus Riley, three local “all-star” bands and performances by charter school youth from Oahu.  The concert will benefit Mana Maoli’s music programs, the Halau Ku Mana charter school, schools with students whose music was recorded and its Kanehunamoku sailing canoe venture.

“Oahuʻs Kualoa/Hakipuʻu Canoe Festival spotlights Polynesian voyaging traditions” | Hawaiʻi Magazine

The educational voyaging canoe, Kanehunamoku, and charter schools Halau Ku Mana and Hakipuʻu Learning Center, will host educational booths to share their knowledge of voyaging through various hands-on activities.

“Hawaiian school educates hands-on” | Honolulu Advertiser

When students at Halau Ku Mana have math and science lessons, they are as apt to be outside learning how to build and navigate a Polynesian voyaging canoe as they are to be in a classroom cracking open a textbook.

“Epic Session with Good Company” | HaynMade Blog

Kanehunamoku, along with a number of other Hawaiian canoes are referred to as if they are real people, and rightfully so.  Traditional Hawaiian canoes are a direct link to the people to our of the past, being that that’s how we all got here over eons ago.

“Mana Maoli All-Star Kanikapila” | HNLnow

This student-driven event aims to highlight and support Hawaiian charter schools, Hawaiian and Local music, and the people behind these uplifting elements of Hawai’i today – from our youth and teachers to our pro and underground artists.

“Mana Maoli” | WOMAD

The Mana Maoli Collective (MMC) is a synergy of voices defining the new generation of music in Hawai’i. MMC refers to the hundreds of artists who donate their time and talent to Mana Maoli live and recorded performances, in support of keiki, ‘aina, and pono.

“Learning by Doing” | Honolulu Star-Bulletin

“It’s learning by doing,” Nakanishi said. “Ma ka hana ka ‘ike — knowledge through action.”

“Mana Moali All-Star Kanikapila Mashup” | Oiwi TV

Far from your typical benefit concert

“Mana Maoli Collective” | The Maui News

A series of three unique concerts will be held this weekend by the Mana Maoli Collective, featuring an amazing lineup of local talent.

“Mana Maoli Collective here in Aotearoa” | Tangata Whenua

Te Po Whakangahau o nga kaiwaiata no Hawai’i  – Mana Maoli Collective is performing together on Saturday, March 20, from 7 – 12pm at the Tussocks Bar, Gate E, Tasman St, Massey University Campus. Tickets cost $5 students (with ID), $10 public admission.

“All-Star band celebrates Hawaiʻi through a fusion of sounds” | Maui Weekly

For the first time ever, a contingency of leading performers from across Hawai‘i will represent our state at the 18th Annual Pasifika Festival in Aotearoa.

“Mana Maoli mix diverse, expressive” | Honolulu Advertiser

The impression created alternates between honesty and innocence, sharing the temperament and emotions of young talent, who are not necessarily awaiting approval or conventional success.

“Mana Maoli” | Hawaiian Skies

We’re proud to present a performance of “Little Bit of Love” for Mana Maoli, a collective of artists who donate their time and talents to benefit the youth of Hawai‘i.