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Your financial support allows us to maintain and grow our programs, for which we are very appreciative. As thanks, we offer ʻmahalo giftsʻ and are running this special for the Makahiki season.
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Where do donations go? Donations to our registered nonprofit organization help sustain staffing, facilities, equipment, supplies and other needs for our programs.

How do I pay?

 Donations and the ordering of mahalo gifts are taken care of by Paypal. When you click either “donate” or “add to cart,” you will be taken to Paypal’s website to conduct the transaction. You may pay with your credit card or by transferring funds from an existing Paypal account. For mahalo gifts, our staff will contact you as needed after processing your donation.

Tax write-offs. For donations of $200 or more, tax write-off letters/receipts are available by request.



Mana Maoli Shirts

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Available Choices:

  • Men’s black with turquoise-blue ink
  • Men’s brown with flesh-colored ink
  • Women’s chocolate-Brown with flesh colored ink
  • Sizes S through XXXL.


Normally $20 donation, plus $5 shipping and handling.


Mana Maoli Volumes IV and V: “THIS IS MAOLI MUSIC” and “HUI NA MOKU”

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An inspiring collaboration between over 100 pro artists and over 100 youth representing 13 charter schools across the islands. This double CD includes over 3 dozen tracks, a John Cruz + Jack Johnson music video, and other bonus features. Each track is a collaboration, with Hawaii’s favorite artists across many genres working with the youth or each other. Natural Vibes, Paula Fuga, Damon Williams and others collaborated with charter school youth. Pro artist collaborations include Rebel Souljahz & Maoli, Irie Love & Kimie, Kali of Ooklah &  Mike Love of DubKonscious, Anuhea & King Kekai and many more!
Volume IV features primarily reggae, hip hop, RnB, dancehall and ska music. Volume V features primarily traditional Hawaiian music and chant, contemporary Hawaiian, and acoustic music.


Normally $20 donation, plus $3 shipping and handling.


Mana Maoli CD, Volumes II and III

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Double-CD with video, in support of 12 Hawaiian charter schools. Over 2.5 hours of previously unreleased original and freestyle music of various genres, from Hawaiian and acoustic to reggae and fusion. This project involved Hālau Kū Māna youth and over 200 artists, including John and Guy Cruz, Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, artists from Ooklah the Moc, Natural Vibes, DubKonscious, and many more. Not available in stores or on I-Tunes!


Normally $20 donation, plus $3 shipping and handling.

To receive the mahalo gift of your choice, please use the donate button below and enter the amount you’d like to contribute, making sure to include an additional $5 per item for shipping within the United States. Contact us for international shipping rates. If you are on Oʻahu, you may arrange to receive these products at our office, located at Kailua Intermediate School, or in Manoa – please call 626-5395 for details. Once you’ve made your payment, forward your paypal receipt to, noting the products you would like.

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