Kelli heath-cruz

Project Lead Engineer/Instructor

Born and raised on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, Kelli joined the MM team in the 1900ʻs as an engineer, educator and mentor. She teaches project youth to use the solar-powered mobile studio she serves as an educational resource to further develop hands-on skills and knowledge in engineering, video and music production, and project management.

keanu alop

audio engineer

Keanu Kaleikaumaka Kenui Dudoit Alop hails from the ahupua’a of Waipi’o in the Ewa district of O’ahu. Currently, he resides in old Mililani Town with his lovely little family, where they are blessed with rain when the sun rises, and again when it sets. 

Keanu joined the Mana Maoli team 5 years ago as an intern, while wrapping up his Audio Engineering degree at Honolulu Community College.

While enjoying his time as an audio engineer, he also enjoys: hula, fishing, bodyboarding, golfing, hiking, cooking, going to the gym and spending time with his loved ones. 

ivy lagodlagod

Digital Media Content Producer

Ivy Lagodlagod is a Native Hawaiian who has been with Mana Maoli for 2 years, capturing the beauty through various mediums, and telling stories through mele and mo’olelo. Some things that keeps her life rich and blessed are her ‘Ohana, Hui Mo’oka’ao and perpetuating the Native Hawaiian practice of growing Kalo.

Brad watanabe


Brad Watanabe is a musician from the island of Oʻahu. He has worked for Mana Maoli as a teacher, mentor, and engineer for 6 years. Brad is an advocate for the Hawaiian language, working in Hawaiian immersion schools and volunteering his time to promote and normalize its use in everyday life.