8 Hawaiian Charter Schools and Mana Maoli Seek “Maoli Music” Instructors!

John Cruz at Ke Kula o Niihau 2

 Who is up for the exciting challenge of teaching our Hawaiian Charter School youth Mana Maoli’s  ‘ABC’s’ through music? Facilitating the learning of Academics, Business, & Culture through music, involving music and multimedia industry pros as guest teachers, and piloting lessons developed by our Music & Multimedia Academy Design Team … might this be a fit for you or someone you know?

 On behalf of its 8 partner schools, Mana Maoli is now hiring “Maoli Music” Instructors for our Mana Mele Project. Here is an opportunity to make a difference – via innovative, real world, culture-based education in support of Hawaiian charter school youth, alongside Hawaii’s music and multimedia industry professionals. Please read on, see the links below, and please help us spread word of this opportunity – mahalo nui!

 Where4 O’ahu and 4 Kaua’i culture-based charter schools. Positions are still available at the following schools:

 – On O`ahu: Hālau Kū Māna Public Charter School (PCS) in MakikiHālau Lōkahi PCS in Kalihi, and Hakipu`u Learning Center PCS in Kāne’ohe

 – On Kaua`i: Kula Aupuni Ni`ihau A Kahelelani Aloha PCS in Kekaha, Kanuikapono PCS in Anahola, and Kawaikini PCS in Līhu’e

 Compensation/Hours: $25/hr, 4-12hrs/wk1-3 courses per instructor4hrs/wk per course – includes 3hrs/wk of instruction across 1-2 classes per week, plus 1hr/wk prep; 40wks/year (same weeks that school is in session); funding secured for at least 2 full years, with contracts renewed annually. Applicants may apply to teach at all schools, but will only be hired for up to 3 courses/schools.

 Kuleana: The primary kuleana of the Music Instructor is to foster student enjoyment and abilities in music and multimedia, as they increase college/career readiness and cultural grounding in the process. This will be done via piloting place and culture-based curriculum, developed and shared by Mana Mele’s Academy Design Team and all instructors. Instructors will have available and build upon curricula and knowledge resources created at the lead academy development schools (Hālau Kū Māna and Kanuikapono), during afterschool or elective courses held 3 hours a week. The aim is to facilitate learning Academics, Business, and Culture through music and multimedia education.

Instructors will receive in-service support from the Academy Coordinators (AC) on their island, and the Curriculum Specialist (CS). This will include training in the development and use of culturally responsive, standards-based assessments of students’ musical, academic and cultural learning, and college/career readiness.

The Mana Mele project will be the primary focus of our Maoli Music program over the next 3+ years. As part of this project, afterschool and elective classes are being held at 8 Hawaiian culture-based charter schools on O’ahu and Kaua’i. These courses will be piloting curriculum being developed toward a Music & Multimedia Academy, where graduates earn a high school diploma, are culturally grounded, and college/career ready. Each school will have access (at least 4-6 weeks per year) to Hawaii’s first solar-powered mobile studio with audio and video production, live event and studio capabilities.

Detailed job description available upon request.

For more info on the Mana Mele Project, see our previous blog post, “Presenting Mana Maoli’s Music Academy and Mobile Studio!!


Email us at manamaoli@yahoo.com with any additional questions.

Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter via email (manamaoli@yahoo.com), mail, or hand-delivery:

Mana Maoli
 – c/o Kailua Intermediate School

145 S. Kainalu Drive
 Kailua, Hawaiʻi 96734

In your cover letter (1-2 pages), please share why you are applying and highlights of your qualifications. In the subject heading (if sent by email) or within the cover letter (if sent by snail mail or hand delivery), please note the numbers representing which schools you are interested in working with, as follows:


001 – Hālau Kū Māna PCS (HKM)      004 – Kanuikapono PCS (KANU)

002 – Hālau Lōkahi PCS (HL)       005 – Kawaikini PCS

003 – Hakipu`u Learning Center PCS (Hakipu`u)  006 – Kula Aupuni Ni`ihau A Kahelelani Aloha PCS (KANAKA)


Also, please help us spread the word by passing this announcement along to your `ohana and friends.

Mahalo nui loa!!!!