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A. BACKGROUNDProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Currently, our Maoli Music program’s sole focus is the Mana Mele Project; its primary and interrelated objectives for Phase 1 of this project includes:


1) Designing & piloting curriculum for Mana Mele Music & Multimedia Academy – Graduates will earn their HS diploma, be culturally grounded, and college/career ready. As they learn their ‘ABC’s’ – Academics, Business & Culture – through music & multimedia, graduates learn to walk successfully in both worlds – traditional and modern.

2) Designing, building and utilizing Mana Mele Mobile Studio – Solar powered, with audio & video, live event & studio capabilities – with industry standard quality utilizing cutting-edge technology.


The mobile studio will be used during school hours as a learning lab, to document kupuna (elders’) wisdom, student-driven products, traditional mele (songs) and oli (chants), create audiobooks and instructional videos, etc. The interactive, digital, place and culture-based ‘Knowledge Resource’ products created at our 8 partner Hawaiian charter schools will be shared across schools and online.


Outside of school hours, the Mana Maoli Collective (pro musicians, engineers, promoters, video producers, and youth interns) and the mobile studio will provide fee for service offerings to Hawaii’s community at-large, namely:

a) Live Event Services – Providing power, sound, entertainment (DJ and live music) and recording (audio/video), a ‘1-stop shop’

b) Studio products – i.e. PSA’s/commercials; music albums/videos; instructional and promo videos, documentaries.


3) Providing youth Mana Mele Mentorships to bring the Academy curriculum and Mobile Studio to life – In addition to on campus mentorships, Academy students experience real world mentorships alongside Hawaii’s finest music and film industry pros providing high quality live event services and studio products as noted above, while helping their schools and Mana Maoli become more self sustaining financially.




Mana Mele is seeking a simple yet unique and impactful logo design that will resonate with potential clients of our live event services and studio products, while being reflective of our project objectives (all of which are described in the ‘Background’ section above).


Toward this aim, and toward raising visibility, awareness and support for the Mana Mele project (and ‘branding’), uses of the logo will include, but not be limited to:

* Signage on the Mobile Studio trailer and towing vehicle

* Website, social media profile images, and blog

* Letterhead, business cards, brochures, fee-for-service sheet

* E-newsletters, press releases

* Merchandise (shirts, cd’s, etc)


C.  PRIZE (Cash or Gift Cards)

For the contestant whose design/concept is selected for use as the Mana Mele logo, a prize of $750 will be awarded. The contest winner may choose to receive their prize in cash or gift card form. Multiple draft designs and edits may be requested if needed.



1. Mana Maoli must own or have full access to and have the right to utilize logo/design for any means/purposes.

2. Contest participants must adhere to the timelines stated in Section F

3. Contest participants must disclose any relevant conflicts of interest and/or pending lawsuits.




1. Audience – The logo should be designed with our intended audience in mind, which will be Hawaii’s general population, particularly those who are potential customers for our fee for service offerings:

a. Power, Sound, Entertainment and Recording (audio or video) at Live Events

b. Audio or Video Studio Products – PSA’s/commercials; music singles, albums, videos; informational or promo videos, documentaries, etc


Thus, potential customers might include adults with moderate to high income looking for Live Event services for graduations, weddings, baby luau, etc; businesses for corporate events; nonprofits and schools for community and school events; ‘out of the box’ recording artists; people who want to support a good cause


The logo should be clean and impactful, and resonate with both our intended audience and beneficiaries of the Mana Mele Academy (Hawaiian charter school students).


2. Color Scheme – Multiple color logos are welcome, but not mandatory. The complimenting color scheme should include colors that accentuate the logo in printed or electronic form, as well as large format display on the Mobile Studio trailer and towing vehicle. Of the various potential color schemes discussed, here are 3 that we are seriously considering:


a. Black and Pele/sunset colors (red, orange, yellows, see cover of last MM CD at bottom of “Mana Mele Logo – Reference Images” file)

b. Brown and green, or brown/green/black (one of those primary, the other 2 as trim)

c. Bright teal/black  (see colors of MM T-shirt on Mana Maoliʻs websiteʻs “Donate/Gifts” page)


Designers are invited to try 1 or more of these color schemes, as well as any they come up with on their own. The logo must be impactful in a single color.


4. Font – The font should compliment the look and feel of the logo. One possibility discussed was to use the same font and/or logo as Mana Maoli’s logo (see 3rd attachment for this ‘interim’ logo we used for initial school visits to seek student involvement). However, we are open to other fonts, and are holding this contest to explore other possible logos for Mana Mele, whether or not it uses font that is the same or similar to Mana Maoli’s logo.


5. Taglines – the Mana Mele logo will often come with a tagline related to the Academy or the Mobile Studio. Design entries might include one or both taglines placed below the words ‘Mana Mele’ in smaller font. If using one tagline, please use ‘Music and Multimedia Academy’ or ‘Mobile Studio’. If using both taglines, please use ‘Music Academy’ and ‘Mobile Studio’. In practice, the logo should be able to incorporate either tagline for various outreach purposes.


6. Format – Initial submission deliverables should include (but are not limited to) a JPG, PDF, hand-drawn or computer-designed sketch, or a conceptual mock-up which gives us an idea of your logo(s).


7. Additional Ideas and Directions to consider:


In case it’s helpful, here are some initial brainstorm responses to questions that may help with finding the best logo concept:

a.               What is your industry?

* Non-profit, education, music, technology

b.               What words describe Mana Mele?

* Education, Music, Multimedia.

* Empowering Youth through Mele (songs and stories)

* Toward pono (harmony, balance) of youth being culturally grounded & college/career ready

c.            What makes Mana Mele unique?

* Academy: diploma granting, real world, culture-based, music & multimedia focus

* Mobile Studio:

        – Quality, Diversity (1-stop shop), for a good cause

– Itʻs MOBILE! Solar powered. Many capabilities

– Allows for real world and engineering/multimedia aspect of the Academy, with proceeds to a good cause, yet HIGH QUALITY service and products spearheaded by industry pros;

– A model for economic self-sustainability


Unprecedented: For both the Academy and solar powered Mobile Studio, this will be Hawaii’s first, and one of the world’s first (we are not finding any culture-based, diploma granting Music/Multimedia Academies, nor any solar powered A/V mobile studios online).


a. Contest announcement date                           06/24/14

b. Submission of questions                                  06/27/14 – 06/29/14

c. Responses to all questions                               06/30/14

d. Contest entry deadline                                      07/14/14

e.  Contest Winner Selected                                 07/22/14

f. Consultation, meetings,multiple draft designs, edits as needed 07/22/14 – 07/30/14

g. Logo finalized, cash prize awarded               07/31/14


G. How to Enter/ Contact Info

Questions and logo entries can be sent via email to manamaoli@yahoo.com , mail, or hand-delivery:


Mana Maoli

c/o Kailua Intermediate School

145 S. Kainalu Drive
 Kailua, Hawaiʻi 96734


Our office can be reached by email (manamaoli@yahoo.com) or phone: (808)-626-5395.