Mana Maoli Seeks Music & Multimedia Instructors

Do you have a passion for, or experience in music or multimedia, and working with youth?

Here’s a way to channel that passion into action! Please help spread the word about these job openings for Mana Mele music and multimedia kumu (instructors and mentors), and guest kumu – mahalo!

Organizational Background: Mana Maoli is a nonprofit, serving primarily Native Hawaiian youth and communities via community, culture, and environment-based education. Our #ManaMele Project does this via a Music/Multimedia Academy, a solar 4-in-1 mobile studio, and a collective of over 200 ʻcreative industriesʻ professionals (music, audio engineering, video, communications). All open positions are in support of the Mana Mele Project. 

Position summaries: Summaries of each position are below, followed by details, including kuleana, list of schools and class schedules,  pay rates, and how to apply. 

  1. KUMU (Instructors and Mentors) – Starting $25/hr, Oʻahu and Kauaʻi, Music or Multimedia focus; 2 to 25hrs per week; must attend mandatory paid professional development workshops occurring on July 25, 2020, in addition to dates yet to be determined in winter and spring; Classes/mentorships at most schools begin in early August and run 40 weeks per year (when school is in session) *Due to COVID-related adjustments, some school schedules are still to be determined, and we will update this ad as soon as they become available.

DUTIES include but are not limited to: music OR multimedia instruction to Hawaiian charter, immersion and DOE youth; preparing and implementing lesson plans; class management (classes range from grade K-12); facilitating rehearsals and performances; completing logs and issuing assessments; and attending at least 3 Professional Development training sessions. 

INSTRUCTORS of year-long classes focus on teaching the Mana Mele ABC’s – Academics, Business and Culture – through music or multimedia. Deliverables include a course syllabus, an instructor log (including feedback on lessons piloted), and pre/post assessment results

MENTORS provide mentorships focused on a specific area, e.g. ʻukulele, singing, sound engineering, video production. Deliverables include a mentorship planning and reflection form

  • Year-long classes and mentorships range from 1-4hrs/wk. 
  • Teaching multiple classes across 1 or more schools is possible. 
  • While most kumu average 3-8hrs of instruction per week, pending experience and availability, some kumu may be able to receive 15-25hrs/wk. 
  • 16 partner schools are listed below – on the west, south and east shores of Oʻahu and Kauaʻi. 
  1. GUEST KUMU (‘Substitute Teacher’):  Starting pay rate varies by experience level, $30-35/hr 
  2. ON-CALL to provide music OR multimedia instruction to Hawaiian charter, immersion and DOE youth; manage a classroom of haumāna; carry out lesson plans.  Guest Kumu are highly encouraged to join our Orientation/Professional Development workshop on July 25, 2020, in addition to two more workshops in winter and spring (date TBD).

ADDITIONAL DETAILS –  Locations, Kuleana, How to Apply


* For kumu (instructors and mentors) and guest kumu, over 70 year-long classes are held across 16 partner schools on the south, west and east shores of Oʻahu and Kauaʻi. List of schools are as follows:

  • Oahu South (Honolulu)
      • Hālau Kū Mana Public Charter School (PCS) 
        • Grade 8 – Mon/Thurs 1pm-2pm
        • Grade 6/7 – Mon/Thurs 2pm-3pm
      • Aliʻiolani Elementary – TBD
      • St. Louis School – After School
      • Roosevelt High School – TBD
        • Grade 9/10/11/12 – Mon/Tues 11:30am-12:30pm
        • Grade 9/10/11/12 – Fri 12:00pm – 12:30pm (virtual)
      • Pauoa Elementary*
        • Grade K-5 – After School (virtual)
      • Jarrett Middle School* – TBD
  • Oahu East
      • Mālama Hōnua PCS (Waimanalo)
        • GRADE 6/7/8 – Mon OR Fri 12pm-2pm
      • Hakipuʻu Learning Center PCS (Kaneʻohe)*
      • Ke Kula Samuel M. Kamakau PCS (Kaneʻohe*
  • Oahu West
      • Kamaile Academy PCS (Waiʻanae)* – TBD
      • Ka Waihona o ka Naʻauao (Nānākuli) – TBD
  • Kauaʻi
    • Kawaikini PCS (Lihuʻe)*
    • Kanuikapono PCS (Anahola)
      • GRADE 6-12 – TBD
    • Kula Aupuni Niʻihau a Kahelelani Aloha PCS (Kekaha)
      • GRADE 6-12 – TBD
    • Ke Kula Niʻihau o Kekaha PCS*

* Year-long Positions at these schools are currently filled.  Only available position is Guest Kumu

Kuleana: Below are outlines of the basic responsibilities of a Kumu (Instructor/Mentor)

KUMU (Instructors/Mentors) Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Foster students’ appreciation for music or multimedia, and Hawaiian culture and values
  • Facilitate development of music or multimedia skills
  • Offer a variety of music or multimedia experiences as they explore education and career opportunities
  • Develop new or tailor existing culture-based curriculum focused on your area of expertise, and implement in year-long afterschool or elective classes
  • Utilize student-centred classroom management and differentiation methods (culture-based methods are encouraged)
  • Prepare students for hōʻike (showcase) opportunities
  • Attend quarterly paid Professional Development sessions
  • Fulfill required deliverables for the position, including but not limited to: crafting a syllabus for your class; writing weekly successes, challenges and accomplishments; and issuing quarterly assessments to gauge student progress

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma
  • 4+ years experience in the field of music or multimedia
  • Reliable, punctual, strong verbal/written communication skills
  • Knowledgeable and respectful of Hawaiian culture – willing to integrate Hawaiian ideology into classroom curriculum
  • Lots of patience, passion, perseverance, and aloha!

Preferred Qualifications:

  • BA degree or higher, preferably in Education, Music, Video Production or Hawaiian Studies
  • 4+ years experience in the field of music and/or media production
  • Strong grounding/proficiency in Hawaiian music, culture, and language
  • 2+ years experience in curriculum and program development
  • 3+ years of classroom instruction, especially in Grades K-12, and/or at Hawaiian-focused charter or immersion schools, or schools in areas of high Native Hawaiian populations.
  • Knowledge of music literacy and fundamental music theory
  • Skilled in culture resources, and Indigenous/Western teaching practices and strategies
  • Computer, digital and media literacy
  • Skilled in video conferencing software i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc. *Due to COVID-19 regulations, many schools have transitioned into using Zoom for virtual teaching, as well as our own organization for meetings & professional development, but background in any type of video conferencing software will be a great asset for such cases.


GUEST KUMU (ʻSubstitute Teacherʻ) – Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • On-call (as needed and available) for implementation of the regular kumu’s lesson plan in their absence if available. Otherwise, Mana Mele lessons or your own lessons are both options.
  • Fulfill as many of the instructor/mentor classroom duties as noted in their list of kuleana above, as needed in their absence
  • Starting pay $30/hr

Preferred Qualifications: All minimum and preferred qualifications listed under Year-Long kumu position.


How to apply: Qualified candidates should submit the following:

  • Resume & Cover Letter 
    1. Email to 
      1. Subject Heading
    2. Please title your resume and cover letter files as shown below:

FirstName LastName Resume.docx

FirstName LastName Cover Letter.docx

The email subject heading should include the position you are applying for, personalized with your name:

Year-Long Kumu Application – FirstName LastName

Substitute Kumu – FirstName LastName

On-Call Substitute Kumu – FirstName LastName

In your cover letter, please include your experiences and skills related to any of the kuleana listed above.

In accordance with Mana Maoli employment policy, candidates for this position will be subject to a criminal background check.

PLEASE KŌKUA by passing this announcement along to your ʻohana and friends. Mahalo nui loa!